For the ecom brands that are ready for next-level growth without spending an extra penny on advertising.

We specialize in driving rev. growth for ecom brands through email marketing!


Automation Flows

Convert your visitors into customers.
Create an automated retargeting.

We design personalized automation flows for each client based on their behavior. Send the right message at the right time.



Generate engagement and increase your sales. Unmissable Campaigns.

We create campaigns with an incredible design optimized for any device. Build a community of returning customers with offers, valuable information and more.


Signup Forms

Grow your email list. Grow your community. Grow your sales.

We design signup forms that work. Capture emails from your visitors and convert them into customers. Take advantage of your store traffic and increase your sales.


What is the process?

How do we do it?

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We have a process designed to make your email experience a unique one.


Phase 1: Audit

1-3 days

We carry out a Klaviyo audit of your account. We know your customer base and identify them based on their behavior within your brand.


Phase 2: Planning

4-9 days

Knowing your customer community, we create a monthly campaign plan. We develop the necessary automation flows and focus on sign-up forms to grow your list.


Phase 3: Launch


With a developed planning, we create the designs of each email that will be sent in the month. We provide constant maintenance to the flows and create A/B tests for your forms.


Phase 4: Monthly Overviews

1-2 días

Receive monthly reports with results and insights from the strategies. Action plans are developed according to the analyzed results.

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Telos in Ancient Greek simply means “goal”, “purpose” or “end”. In Aristotle it has the special meaning of “the state in which something’s nature is fulfilled”, or where something is fully “in act”, i.e. meaning fully doing what it intends or is supposed to be doing.

Consistent with the overarching purpose of email marketing, which is to increase your brand's revenue month after month.